You can boost your brain in 10 minutes!

Scientists from Western University in Canada assigned a group of men and women to ride a stationary bike at moderate to vigorous intensity for 10 minutes while a second group were asked to relax and read a magazine.

Before and after the bike ride or the magazine, participants were tested on how quickly they reacted to challenging eye movement tasks. Those who’d been reading showed no change in their score. Those who’d been riding improved both the speed and accuracy of their responses. So if you need a fast mental pick-me-up, do 10 minutes of running, cycling, stair climbing or dancing. It will sharpen your focus and upgrade your problem-solving.

Meanwhile, researchers at McMasters University (also in Canada) found that after six weeks of daily aerobic exercise (jogging, fast cycling or vigorous dancing for 30 minutes) people showed significant improvements in memory. Those who had the greatest gains in fitness, also had the largest increase in a protein called BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) which stimulates the growth, connectivity and survival of brain cells.

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