Brain Boosting Cards (Wild Cards)

What are Wild Cards?

Audiences and workshop participants often ask Dr Helena to provide them with her presentation slides and a summary of her key brain-boosting messages.

In response to these requests, Dr Helena has created Wild Cards – a collection of her Top Twenty Brain Boosters.

‘I now know exactly what to do to keep my brain working at its best all day every day and I’m staving off dementia at the same time. A double win!’ says Lyne Stewart, book keeper.

The term Wild Card refers to an unexpected, high impact event – and that’s exactly what Helena’s Wild Cards offer: unexpectedly simple activities that have a big impact on the functioning of your brain.

Wild Cards are a powerful, fun, educational tool. They also serve as a daily reminder that what we do from day to day has a profound impact on our mental capacity and our long-term brain performance. It’s a fascinating fact that the brains of wild animals are 15-30% larger than the brains of their tame, domestic counterparts. Why? What is it about being wild that boosts their brains? And does it apply to humans? If we all got wild, would it boost our brains? As a matter of fact, it would!

Dr Helena’s Wild Cards show you how to get wild (without upsetting your boss or your mother) and in the process, how you’ll get smart!

What can I do with Wild Cards?

  1. We live in an age of unprecedented information overload. How do you start to build a better brain? Dr Helena has sifted through the science to give you the Top 20 ways to boost your brain and defy dementia – at any age or stage of life.
  2. If you’ve heard Helena speak you’ll know that her presentations are fast-paced and information-packed. Everyone walks out buzzing and keen to implement the principles they’ve learned. Wild Cards ensure that people remember and practise Dr Helena’s Top 20 Brain Boosters long after the event Is over. Wild Cards keep people taking action and sharing the information with others
  3. Keep them in your pocket, hand bag or bedside cabinet and have fun with them. Fun is what makes things memorable. The quotes and images on the cards will stick in your mind and act as daily prompts to make better brain choices.
  4. Share them with your loved one who has dementia. Have a conversation about how they can implement each of the 20 brain-boosting principles.
  5. Play Wild Card games. Click here for a PDF of games you can play with Wild Cards.

FAQS about Dr Helena’s Wild Cards

How many cards are in the deck?

There are 28 cards in the deck – one side contains text and the reverse side has an image with a quote and a call to action. They include Dr Helena’s Top 20 Brain Boosters along with the five principles that underpin optimal brain functioning.

What size are the cards?

The cards are small enough to carry wherever you go and they come in a protective clear wallet. Their dimensions are 6cm wide and 8.5cm long.  When placed inside the wallet, the thickness of the deck is less than one centimetre.

How do I use the cards?

You can use the cards as:

  1. Personal reminders
  2. Conversation starters
  3. Engaging games – Click here for a PDF of Wild Card games
  4. A resource for someone with dementia
  5. Great gifts!

When you receive your cards you’ll find yourself coming up with many more ways to use them.

What age group are the cards designed for?

Anyone from age 12 and upwards will enjoy Wild Cards. It’s never too early to start boosting your brain. In fact the earlier we begin, the better.

Neuroscientists have discovered that we are not passive victims of our genes. Our genes provide the clay but our lifestyles create the sculpture. We can raise our intelligence, sharpen our focus, increase our creativity, improve our memory, and work more effectively on a daily basis. We can guide our children to study more easily and – at the other end of the age spectrum – we can significantly reduce our risk of getting dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Wild Cards show you how.

‘I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.’
DH Lawrence

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