What if you could tap into the greatest minds of our day?

You can!

In fact, you can tap into the greatest minds from any period in history.

On Thursday 12th November you’re invited to join Australian Reading Hour. Choose any hour of the day and choose any book you like and read for the cheer pleasure of it. Why?

Reading is like eavesdropping on someone’s thoughts and ideas. Whether we are young or old, challenging ourselves with complex literature stimulates the growth of new brain cells. This sharpens our thinking and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in later life.

Reading for fun helps us us unwind, reduce stress and deal with uncertainty. Immersing ourselves in a story switches off unproductive rumination and improves information processing and creativity.

In addition, functional MRI scans demonstrate that when we read about a character’s experiences, the same regions of our brain are activated as if we were in the situation ourselves. This enhances our capacity to empathise with others in real life.

Reading can also be a way of accessing feelings we try to hide from ourselves. Throughout life there are times when we suppress negative emotions because we feel pressured to put on a brave front or stay upbeat for the people around us. Reading a moving story gives us permission to get in touch with buried emotions and cry if we need to.

And of course, finishing a great book provides a sense of accomplishment and a healthy dopamine hit.

Australia Reads is also hosting a series of free virtual events on 9th and 11th November. Visit their website for details: australiareads.org.au/events

Please forward this HEB to anyone who needs a good read!

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