Our Decisions are more powerful than our DNA.

Our DNA is NOT our destiny. Our DNA is merely the beginning of a process – the raw clay. It’s our decisions, choices and lifestyles that create the sculptures in our lives. It isn’t what we’re given that defines us, it’s what we do with it.

Great health is not a distant destination, it’s a daily decision. You can decide right now that you’ll be healthy today. Focus on what you can do today. We clutter our minds with concerns about yesterday and fears about tomorrow, robbing us of our power today. What positive steps can you take today – right now – to strengthen your mind and body? If in doubt, read either of my books 🙂

We underestimate the power of our decisions. A decision is a resolve to be, do or have something. When we make a decision, we draw a line in the sand and we commit to a course of action.

A decision changes the filter through which we see our lives because we don’t see with our eyes, we see with our brains. We’re wired to see whatever we’re looking for. When we decide to do something, the path opens up. We consciously and subconsciously look for ways to make it a reality. Our brains develop a radar to detect everything that will bring us closer to achieving our goal. When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears. When the patient is ready, the healing begins. Until we decide to get fit, quit soft drinks or learn to manage stress, all the reasons why we can’t do so, loom large. Once we make a decision, we start to see opportunities to make it happen.

The first step is to set a goal. If your success were guaranteed, what’s the first thing you’d want to achieve in your life or improve about your health? Write it down. Then take one step towards it today.

What stops us making important decisions? Fear. Fear of making the wrong decision or fear of not being able to see it through. I’ll tackle each of these objections in turn.

Firstly, there is no such thing as a wrong or bad decision. By setting on a course of action, we learn whether or not it’s the right course of action. Along the way, we learn the best way. Even a missile that is programmed with the utmost precision to reach its target, is constantly adjusting its course in response to feedback from the environment. A missile spends as much time off track as on track. That’s how it reaches its target. Life isn’t about getting it right all the time; life is about growing, learning and enjoying the process of striving. There is nothing more satisfying than achieving something that stretched us beyond what we thought we were capable of. Why do people climb Mt Everest? Because of the challenge, not because it’s easy.

And what about the fear of failure? When we make a decision, something changes inside us. We set in motion all the mental, emotional and biological processes that enable us to fulfil our commitment. Decisions change our self image in that we become who our decision needs us to be. Making a decision unlocks our power. Making a decision is the very step that enables us to see it through.

So what’s my decision? To educate rather than to medicate. To take back our health from Big Food (the processed food industry), Big Pharma (the pharmaceutical industry) and Big Fallacies (confusing and contradictory health messages). That’s why I do what I do: to empower you to make the best decisions for your optimal health on every level.

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  • Glenda

    Keep going Dr Popovic, reinforcement of good health and how to achieve it is so necessary today and always.

    • Helena Popovic

      I appreciate your lovely feedback, Glenda – thank you. Helena

  • Rosa Perac

    Dear Dr Jelena , it has been a pleasure reading this and has made me realise that’s the step I will apply “Today” is very important. Regards Rosa

    • Helena Popovic

      Dear Rosa, it’s a pleasure writing these when I hear that people are encouraged by what they read. Kind regards, Helena

  • Dellphine

    Brilliant! I love your work. I was recommended this book by one of my gym instructors and it has changed my life. I would love to meet you one day and attend one of your talks or retreats, you are inspiring. I have managed to stick to hard decisions that I made in regards to inflammation and cholesterol despite every one considering as a freak – I am not eating to please others.

    I don’t drink alcohol anymore, I quit dairy and wheat. My joints are no longer swollen and painful. I have taken up running long distance with my gym’s running club and I have now ENLISTED to run a half-marathon at the end of July. I am also doing the Kokoda Trail in October. I have always exercised but now I have a purpose and I know how important it is to be consistent and to stick to my goals. I am loving the leaner me and I can now recognise my body shape when I look into the mirror, I am not where I want to be but, I have achieved and I am a lot happier and confident. I am excited and on track… all thanks to all the hard work I put in while reading your book. Thank you for your hard work to keep educating me…


    • Helena Popovic

      Dear Delphine, thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story. There is nothing more powerful than hearing how someone has resolutely achieved their goals despite opposition. You have opened the door for others to pursue their own path to health and vitality. I look forward to meeting you at an upcoming retreat. I wish you a great half marathon and an amazing experience at Kokoda. All the best! Helena

  • Rose

    thanks Helena, love your HEBS!

    • Helena Popovic

      Thank you, Rose – I’m so pleased to hear it. Helena

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