How is education more powerful than medication?

Over several decades of medical practice, I have discovered that education is truly more powerful than medication and this is the basis for all my speaking, books, blogs and seminars.

The word ‘educate’ comes from the Latin educare, meaning ‘to lead out, bring out, summon’. In all my communications, my aim is to stimulate you to tap into your own inner resources and discover your own answers, as well as to give you new, exciting and cutting-edge information.

I am also influenced by Francois Voltaire, 18th century French philosopher and writer, who observed that ‘The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.’ This insight, together with primum non nocere – Latin for ‘first do no harm’ – is the best advice I was given in all my medical training and the best advice I can pass on to you.

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