Roll with the punches

Recently I had a spirited conversation with Australian boxer, coach and motivational speaker, Tiffanee Cook on her podcast Roll with the Punches. We talked about what it takes to be truly [...]

My Father’s Answer to everything

Not long ago, I asked my father for his most important life advice. My first question was: ‘What’s the key to a lasting happy relationship?’ He answered: ‘Find someone you can laugh with and cry [...]

What is hidden from you?

Ebor is a small town in northern NSW with a population of 166 people. It has one café, one hotel and one waterfall. I stopped there for lunch during my 5 hour drive home from Armidale where I had [...]

To Tell or Not to Tell?

Since moving to the Gold Coast I‘ve debated with myself about whether or not to tell new acquaintances and neighbours that Dad has dementia. The reason for my reluctance is the observation that [...]