Turn Gripes into Gifts

Whenever I feel disappointed or encounter a painful or difficult situation, I play the Game of Gripes to Gifts. I ask myself: Even though I’m not feeling positive about this, what could be the [...]

Turn Stress into Success

Recall a time when you succeeded at something or overcame a challenge against the odds. A time when you excelled at something or won a victory you didn’t expect to win. It could be mastering a [...]

Our Decisions are more powerful than our DNA.

Our DNA is NOT our destiny. Our DNA is merely the beginning of a process – the raw clay. It’s our decisions, choices and lifestyles that create the sculptures in our lives. It isn’t what [...]

What are you doing with your DNA?

Imagine that a relative has died and left you money in a bank account. What will you do with it? Will you spend it, invest it, or leave it sitting in the account until you figure out your best [...]

Bitter or Better?

Write down the names of three people who have made a positive difference to your life. Stop reading for a minute and do this right now. This process has the potential to transform your life. How [...]

What’s your Word?

Welcome to the not-so-new year. If you’re wondering where January went, so is everyone else. And if you’ve already forgotten your New Year Resolution, you’re also not alone. That’s all fine. [...]

Live to give

How does your health and wellbeing impact something bigger than you? How does your happiness and vitality affect other people? Many people report they simply don’t have enough hours in the day to [...]