Bushfires can damage our brain

Regardless of where we live, bushfires are becoming an increasingly common feature of our lives and a growing risk factor for cognitive decline.  Scientists have long known that air pollution [...]

Grow bolder, not older

We need to grow bolder, not older. Our negative ageist stereotypes have an adverse effect on how we age. Every time we say, ‘I’m having a senior moment’ it reinforces the nonsense that our memory [...]

Trick or treat?

Last week I flew to Melbourne to speak at the National Dementia Conference. The first thing I saw at the airport when I stepped off the plane was a billboard for ‘The Brain Drink’ pictured above. [...]

Mental health IS health

Psychological trauma produces physical changes in our brain that affect our perceptions and our ability to regulate our emotions. Untreated depression is a greater risk factor for heart disease [...]