Can Adventure Prevent Dementia? An invitation to my online book launch!

It’s been a long time between Health-e-Bytes but all for a good cause: my latest book, Can Adventure Prevent Dementia? A guide to outwitting Alzheimer’s has finally been released!

The book isn’t just about preventing dementia, it’s about preventing, ameliorating — and in many cases, reversing — all chronic diseases and living a more meaningful, joyful and fulfilling life. What’s good for the brain is naturally also good for the heart, the gut, the immune system and every other organ in our body.

I don’t agree with the dire predictions about a tsunami of dementia as the population ages because it gives people a sense of inevitability and futility. If we all become proactive about our brain health, we can more than halve our risk of developing dementia. In fact, by implement everything in my book, your risk will drop by 80-90%! We can truly outwit Alzheimer’s through education, not medication.

Keeping our brain and body in good working order is like assembling a jigsaw puzzle with many pieces. There isn’t just one factor responsible for optimal brain health. Nor is there one factor responsible for brain demise — short of falling off a roof and landing on your head or inheriting a very rare gene. Every aspect of our lives that influences brain health corresponds to one piece of the puzzle. For instance, getting regular physical exercise is a critical piece of the puzzle. So are social stimulation, quitting soft drinks, and having adequate levels of vitamins B12 and D. Other puzzle pieces include learning a foreign language and playing a musical instrument.

If one puzzle piece is missing, it doesn’t immediately lead to a drop in brain performance. It’s like missing the last piece in a jigsaw. We can still make out what the picture represents. Even if several pieces are missing, it might not make a big difference to our quality of life. But if enough pieces — or if certain crucial pieces — are missing, the resulting damage to our brain starts to interfere with our ability to function.

To learn about the most essential puzzle pieces, and to start you on your brain-boosting adventure, I’d like to invite you to my live online book launch on the evening of Tuesday 27th June 2023.

This will be your opportunity to ask any questions relating to brain health, dementia or caring for a loved one. You can also ask behind-the-scenes questions relating to my writing the book. Feel free to submit your questions ahead of time by emailing You can also ask questions on the night.

If you’d like to purchase the book before the launch, you can do so here. Alternatively, visit any good bookshop.

Thank you so much for your patience. I’m excited about seeing you soon.

You can also watch my TV and radio interviews about the book here.

Event details for online book launch:
Date: Tuesday 27th June 2023
Time: 7.30pm to 8.30pm
Click here to register.

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