Faster than a speeding Ferrari!
More powerful than a supercomputer!
Able to leap at opportunities with a single thought!

Look! Up in your head!
It’s your eyes!
It’s your ears!

We make 5000 new brain cells every day of our lives – even into old age. However, our lifestyles play a huge role in how well our brain cells function. Read Helena’s Health-e-Bytes to discover how to boost your brain and stay as sharp at age 90 as you were at age 30. You can also learn more about your brain and how to defy dementia in her two best-selling books: In Search of My Father – Dementia is no match for a daughter’s determination and the sequel, Can Adventure Prevent Dementia – A Guide to outwitting Alzheimer’s. You can read the books in any order with equal enjoyment and suspense. In Search of My Father is a quicker, easier read and introduces you to basic brain-boosting concepts within the story of caring for her father. Can Adventure Prevent Dementia? Takes a much deeper dive into all things brain health and is – as one reader put it – “the Bible of brain health”.

Food really is medicine

After my conversation with Philip Clark in February this year, many people asked me to elaborate on what I term ‘neuro-keto-therapeutics’, in other words, using a ketogenic diet to prevent and [...]

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