A salubrious rhyme for Christmas time

Christmas is the perfect time
To see we’re never past our prime.
There’s always something we can give
To enhance the way that others live.
An empathic smile or a warm embrace
Can melt away a worried face.
Sharing a story of conquering fears
Can inspire others and dry their tears.

So let’s start weaving a brand new thread
Abolish ageism, where stereotypes tread.
Our age should not be a mark of disdain
But a celebration of what we can gain:
Freedom to be who we really are
Instead of feeling we’re not up to par.
Every wrinkle has a tale to tell
About learning to laugh and living well.

Let’s be grateful for being alive
For having courage and wanting to strive.
Whatever it is we’d like to achieve
Having a goal is our greatest reprieve.
Meaning and purpose can help us heal
By strengthening our body, our mind and our zeal.
What would fill your heart with delight?
How can you nurture your inner light?

Whatever it is, start to seek it out
You’ll experience more joy, there is no doubt.
Joy can help us heal disease
And boost our health with seeming ease.
So from Ruth and me to you and yours
We wish you joy — and uncrowded stores!
Thank you for all your support this year
Your questions and comments always bring me great cheer.

My goal is to help you improve your health
For with vibrant health comes meaningful wealth:
The desire to contribute and make amends
To create deeper connections with family and friends.
There is nothing more healing than love and rapport
More healing than drugs, of that I am sure.
So in all our hearts let compassion reside
And kindness be our faithful guide.


Photo credit: I took this photo in Kings Park, Perth. I love it and it feels Australian Christmassy to me so I wanted to share it with you.

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