A poem for the season with rhyme and reason!

What an incredible year it’s been
I can’t believe the things I’ve seen.

Who would have thought that a tiny bug
Could turn out to be such a deadly thug?

In a matter of weeks it stopped our planes
And all our freeways had empty lanes.

Restaurants were closed, events were postponed
Everyone, everywhere, moaned and groaned.

What has happened to our social lives?
I’ve been going to my garden to talk to my chives.

It’s been a very testing year
With many people living in fear.

It’s also a time to reflect and plan
And to build the attitude: Yes I can!

Yes you can do something really great
And do it now — you don’t have to wait.

What is most important to you?
What are you here on this earth to do?

Staying in touch is what matters most
By phone or Skype or webinar host.

We can share with each other in many ways
Despite the challenge of lockdown days.

How can we spread a laugh or a smile?
That’s what makes our lives worthwhile.

So I wish you all the very best
Despite the social distancing fest.

Thank you for your support and cheer
I wish you a safe and happy New Year!

  • Kathryn Tutty

    A very lovely and appropriate poem.


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